Saturday, September 18, 2010

syuper quality time with bestfriends :*

today, me and my best friends are spending our time together in some places..

our first stop, nono's house.. nono was gave us these watches.. an 'oleh-oleh' from singapore.. thank you so much nono.. we loveeee u :* :*
our second stop, ramen 38 pacific place, this is halal jigoku ramen level 3 anyway
me and novi, eating jigoku ramen level 3
the result after eating ramen, a natural red natural sexy lips a.k.a 'kepedesan'
our craziness while eating :p
our third destination, okirobox plasa semanggi.. 
the girls plus tivan and dolly :) so much fun :D
hhmm and this is the last place... 'sky dinning' plasa semanggi...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

yeay it's idul fitri :D

Alhamdulilllah i feel so blessed and delighted so far in this lebaran :)
meet all my relatives..
eat many yummy foods..
and the most important is no parent's quarrel like the previous one :(
alhamdulillah ya allah...

my outfit on day1 (taken fron front side)
my outfit on the first day (taken from back side)

hhihi :p
in my home, day 2, before go to my relatives' house
the outfit :)
look how happy i am :p

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cravin' for thisss!!!!!!!

i really want the acid legging jeans similar like in those pict...
last week i have tried this kind of jeans in one of the store..
but you know what??
because i have big bottom and hips :(((
size 30 not fitted enough for me  *crymeariver*


times go so fast,
i feel it's just yesterday sitting on my dining room with my mom and dad for my first sahur in this ramadhan..
but the fact is 3 days later is already the big day for all moslems in the world,
yeahhhh Idul Fitri, or popular with "lebaran"...
i can't wait for all the tradition on lebaran,
castengels, ketupat, coto makassar, rendang, etc..
*droolinggg* :9 :9 :9
but the most important thing about lebaran is not the tradition,
but essence within it..
i wish,
after lebaran, i become the new 'medy'...
eliminate the bad things, and adding more good thing.. :)

that's all from me.. HAPPY IDUL FITRI :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

sexy with red lipstick

i always love the woman with red lipstick... 

they look gorgeous, aren't they???  
i think the woman who wear red lipstick will looks sexy no matter how simple the outfit...
so, how???
are you dare to try?? :)

i love this song ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

nyom nyom nyom :9

this is my current favorite snack.. this is not advertisement, but it's fact, it's real, it's totally yummy :9

astrid - tentang rasa

this is my current favorite song .. good job, astrid :)

breakfasting with my junior highschool fellas... yeiyy!



here they are... my old friends

hhmmm, because of today's breakfasting together.. we plan to make a reguler gathering every 2 months... yeiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........happy happy happy............ 

our beautiful short trip :)

when we're eating, we change become a monster

they're my bitches

paris van java

which one more beautiful ? me or the rose? hihi


rumah mode.. i bought my fedora that i wore there

playing congklak.. uuu... it's been a long time

again... our blackberry distract our togetherness :(

hmmm blackberry oh blackberry -__-

with my bestfriends at kampoeng daun

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

quote and quote

i found this when i'm googling.. INSPIRING... :)

hey mr.president

hhmmm ,
based on the situation lately of our lovely country, Indonesia, which is so uncontrol..
i wanna give my opinion about what people do to our beloved mr.president..
most of them show their unrespectful act to him..
not rare, they are insult him..
i'm not big fan of bapak SBY but i think that is too early to judge him as a failed president.
you know what???
fulfilling all the wishes of more than 200 million people is never ever easy you know..
and i think bapak SBY already give his best to the nation...
it's really beautiful to respect guys...
why don't we just appreciate him,
without forgeting to supervise his reign without any unwise action... :)


internSWEET or internSHIT

hhmm based on my daily activity lately which is internship,
i wanna share to you about it...
as you know, internship is kind of work..
the difference is the purpose of internship is to introduce us to the 'real world'
because in the college we only get the theories..
so that, someday when we're truly in the profesional world,
we won't be clumsy anymore..
hhmmm ok,
that's enough for intro..
my question is???
is the internship will make us happy, delight, enjoy.. or it is viceversa, it'll make us boring, stressful, and uncomfortable...???
hmmm back again,
it depends on us................
if you want to feel enjoy to your internship life, you have to do it with your heart :)
the point is...

trust me,
if you follow that,
you will never get depressed during your internship period...


this is my internship atmosphere, anyway :D