Sunday, November 28, 2010


sorry for not writing anything lately.
i just too busy with my thesis things.

now, i just wanna share to you about my boyfriend
he is in his trouble right now.
i just can't see him sad :(
too many problems that attack him lately.
i've already do my best effort to help him,
i hope it works.
and could makes everything better or even back to normal.

i always pray for you, DBK.
and you know i'll always beside you.

with love,
your girl who loves you a lot :')

Saturday, September 18, 2010

syuper quality time with bestfriends :*

today, me and my best friends are spending our time together in some places..

our first stop, nono's house.. nono was gave us these watches.. an 'oleh-oleh' from singapore.. thank you so much nono.. we loveeee u :* :*
our second stop, ramen 38 pacific place, this is halal jigoku ramen level 3 anyway
me and novi, eating jigoku ramen level 3
the result after eating ramen, a natural red natural sexy lips a.k.a 'kepedesan'
our craziness while eating :p
our third destination, okirobox plasa semanggi.. 
the girls plus tivan and dolly :) so much fun :D
hhmm and this is the last place... 'sky dinning' plasa semanggi...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

yeay it's idul fitri :D

Alhamdulilllah i feel so blessed and delighted so far in this lebaran :)
meet all my relatives..
eat many yummy foods..
and the most important is no parent's quarrel like the previous one :(
alhamdulillah ya allah...

my outfit on day1 (taken fron front side)
my outfit on the first day (taken from back side)

hhihi :p
in my home, day 2, before go to my relatives' house
the outfit :)
look how happy i am :p

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cravin' for thisss!!!!!!!

i really want the acid legging jeans similar like in those pict...
last week i have tried this kind of jeans in one of the store..
but you know what??
because i have big bottom and hips :(((
size 30 not fitted enough for me  *crymeariver*